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About Us

Mountain Bikes and Racing... 


Why We Exist

  • To strive to promote cycling in Saskatchewan generally, and in Regina specifically

  • To assist in advocacy issues regarding all areas of cycling

  • To assist all cyclists in achieving their goals, both competitively and/or recreationally

  • To participate in the development of future athletes

  • To ensure through executive action the financial well-being of this club for its present and future members

  • To continue to develop current and future community relationships with trail centres, sponsors, and media

  • To develop and maintain new and existing trail systems

  • To provide opportunities to ride for club members though weekly programs and weekend trips

2024 ORS Executive


Eric L

VP Youth

Allan W

Member at Large

Tanya O


Mike L

VP Summer Trails

Michael M

Member at Large

Kelly A

VP Racing

Stefan D

VP Winter Trails

Randy L

Member at Large

Cory K

Racing Support

Jeff E

VP Communications

Timothy F

If you'd like to get more involved, the following positions are currently vacant and waiting for you to volunteer!

Awesome Volunteer


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