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Fat Biking in Regina

ORS thanks the following major Sponsors and Donors for their generous support to make the SnowDogs possible!

City of Regina

Stapleford Health and Rehab Centre

Western Cycle Source for Sports

Dutch Cycle

Dr. Nathan Knezacek, Family Eye Care Centre

South Sask Mountain Bike Club

Regina Multisport Club

HPL Cycling

Acme Infrastructure Services

Fresh Trails Mountain Bike Skills

Ray Robertson

Steve Bisson

What is a fat bike?

Fat tire bikes have 4 to 5 inch wide tires

The width allows the tires to float when used at 3psi to 5psi tire pressure.

Plus tire bikes have 3 inch wide tires

With less flotation than full fat tires, please only ride trails with plus sized tires when the track you leave is no deeper than half an inch.

Regular tires less than 3 inches wide

When trail conditions are very firm, these will work without damaging the trail surface. Please respect the trails by staying off if the track you leave is deeper than half an inch.

All equipment and trails are operated and maintained by volunteers, grants, and your donations.

We do it for you and appreciate all your donations and support to keep it going. Please consider a donation on our Trail Support page to keep the fat tires rolling!

Current Trail Conditions
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