May 10th, 2020

SaskCup numero uno, the Wascana Challenge.  You know it, you love it, and you will hate it before the day is over. Come out and ride the super fast and flowy course, have some lunch and exaggerate to your fellow cool riders how awesome you would have done if only (fill in the blank)______. Registration is cheap at a measly, uh, I don't have it handy, but cheap compared to that wonder bike you're riding. See you there.


Spring weather is as unpredictable as a triathlete in a peloton so the ORS reserves the right to push back starts times to ensure optimal riding conditions.  Totally no refunds! Registration closes Saturday May 9th, before your bedtime.


If you don't want to race but would like to come out, please consider volunteering.  It would make you the most coolest person at the race! We will happily pay you in free lunch, swag, big smiles and sweaty, sweaty hugs.  Drop us a line on FB, Twitter, or e-mail. 


WHEN: Sunday, May 10th 

             Registration and course practise 9:00- 10:15am

             Rider Staging (all categories) 10:45am

             Start time for 1st wave of riders 11:00am

             Awards Ceremony 2:00pm


WHERE: Meet at the Wascana Trails parking lot.  Directions to WT are as follows.  Take exit A                             South (Condi Exit) off Highway #1.  Head west on grid road 734 passing the Flowing Springs                 Golf Course. The paved road curves after the railway crossing; do not take the curve but                         continue driving straight on the gravel road following the signs to Wascana Trails.

WHO: You.  Ya, you.  The one with the SCA race license, helmet, tight shorts and sweet bike.  Bring                   your "A" game.