Looking to join the ORS?  You should be, we have great members and good fun.

If you're new to the ORS and you want to race/ride with us on Wednesday nights you will need to have a Saskatchewan Cycling Association (SCA) and ORS membership for insurance purposes.  If you come and don't have a membership we can hook you up with a paper form but you will need to bring either $85 ( $50 for SCA and $35 for ORS) or $115 if you plan on racing any of the Sask Cup races during the year (the extra $30 is needed for a race license).  Unfortunately it's no pay no play (insurance rules)!

You can renew or become a new member and get your race license here:http://saskcycling.ca/wp/membership/

If you have any questions about membership, please post a message on our Face Book site or send us an e-mail at offroadsyndicate@hotmail.com 

Come out and play.