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You've Got Choices...

ORS Membership Levels 2024

All membership levels get you access to all club activities and events. Some programs have additional registration (including Dirt Kids, Next Gen, Sask Cup provincial races)

First Family Member: $25

  • If you aren't sure, it's probably this one

Subsequent Family Members: $10

  • Same membership, lower cost to make it easier to bring the whole family along

Super Member: $75.

  • For the super supporters.

  • Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a Super Membership.

Trail Maintainer: Free

  • Online waiver required

  • Only for trail maintenance activities. Does NOT cover membership for any riding activities (Wed night races, Enduro, etc.)

Optional Trail Karma donations go to expenses for maintaining and building year round trails

Insurance is provided through Sask Cycling Association.


ORS membership requires signing up for both.

SCA Membership Levels 2023

Cycling For All (C4A)

  • Club events only

    • Weekly races, recreation level

  • Under 17: $45 + tax and fees

  • 17+: $65 + tax and fees

Provincial Race License

  • Everything in C4A plus racing within the province at SCA sanctioned events (Sask Cups)

  • U17: $60+ tax and fees

  • 17+: $85 + tax and fees

UCI Race License:

  • Everything at the provincial race level, plus ability to race at national and above level

  • U17: $75 + tax and fees

  • 17+: $115 + tax and fees

If you have any questions about membership, please post a message on our Facebook site or send us an e-mail at 

Come out and play!

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