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Thank you for your interest in helping keep our trails amazing!

All local trails are on other people's land and land owners require volunteers to be insured. A club membership is required to be insured.

Offroad Syndicate believes you shouldn't have to pay to volunteer your time.

We have a free membership level that covers you for trail maintenance, but not for any rides or club events. You do have the option to make a donation to trail maintenance to help cover the cost of fuel and expendables.

Full club members with Sask Cycling membership are covered for volunteering as well as club rides and events.

Wascana Trails Recreation Area

A local Regina favourite for mountain biking, hiking, and enjoying nature close to the city. We help Sask Parks keep the greenery off the trail and provide light earthwork duties. Sign up and we'll keep you informed of trail maintenance days.


Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

Volunteers have been known to trim some trail and face slapping trees. We're fundraising to purchase equipment that will live there and make access on an as-needed basis much easier. See Trail Support on how to contribute.

BP Trail Maintenance.jpeg

Fatbike Trail Grooming

Our fantastic community has two powered trail grooming units, and even more volunteers helping to keep the snow trails tip-top in the winter. Trails around Wascana Lake are the primary focus, but we have been known to wander out to Buffalo Pound to groom some sweet single track.

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