Support Your Trails!

Support can be sent by e-transfer to:

If you use and enjoy the fat bike trails in Regina please consider supporting the ongoing efforts to keep the trails pristine and ever expanding.  Donations are not expected, but always appreciated!

Fat Biking is a wonderful way to embrace winter and enjoy nature.  Unfortunately, fat bike trails don't come naturally!! Although it might look like a fat bike trail is pretty simple, it's likely the hardest type of trail to maintain!  It takes hours and hours and hours of volunteer time pulling crazy home made contraptions and running and maintaining a dedicated groomer, the Snow Dog.  

Fat bike trails are built and maintained for all residents to enjoy (for biking....please don't walk on them) not just for ORS club members. 

If you have donated, THANK YOU!  We hope you continue to enjoy.  If you are an avid user, THANK YOU!  The more users there is the more this activity can grow!

Check out the Fat Biking page for trail conditions, details and to see some of the trails major sponsors!