Youth Mob 2021

For 2021, we are heading in a different direction with Youth Mob due to COVID-19 requirements.  Instead of dedicated instruction on Monday evenings, we are going to be flexible with dates and times and move to a "group ride" mentality tailored to youth.

This means that there will not be dedicated class at Douglas Park or Wascana Trails on Mondays.  Rides will be throughout the week and\or on the weekends at Douglas Park, White Butte, Wascana Trails, or Buffalo Pound, hopefully allowing people to work around other sports and commitments.  Instruction will be provided as needed for trail features based on the ride.

At this time, clubs are allowed 10 participants in a group ride and a sign-up is required with verified membership.  Multiple rides could be happening at the same time in multiple locations; start time may also be staggered at a single location.  How this will work is that a post will be made for an upcoming ride and participants will sign up.  Parents, if you wish to ride along, you will have to purchase an SCA license and ORS membership and sign-up for the ride too as you will count in the numbers.

The good news is that ORS has slashed club fees to $10 for this year and there will be no additional cost for these rides.

Total cost for U17: $40 for SCA and $10 for ORS + tax + processing fee.   ~$60

Total cost for adult: $50 for SCA and $10 for ORS + tax + processing fee.  ~$70

Be sure to register on the e-mail list below.

Questions?  Concerns?  Comments?  Email Nathan Birrell.

WHEN:  As soon as it is dry enough to ride until it is too cold for comfort.

WHERE:  Douglas Park, White Butte, Wascana Trails, and Buffalo Pound

WHO:  All ORS youth members are welcome.  Male, female, and parents!  You MUST be a member of ORS to join the Youth Mob due to insurance requirements.  No exceptions.  Rides will be tailored to age group.

WHAT:  Meet like-minded bike people of your age.

WHY:  So you can beat Nino Schurter or Cecile Ravanel if you ever meet them on the trail.

HOW MUCH:  Free with ORS membership.

Preliminary Schedule 2021:

Check ORS Facebook group and your E-mail.