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Buffalo Pound Trail Fest
June 1, 2024

The Buffalo Pound Trail Fest will be offering multi-sport and discipline races such as, Trail Race (run), XC Rally, Enduro and Gravel riding all in one weekend at Buffalo Pound trails.  Go ride the pump track with your crew or maybe try racing your friends side-by-side on the grass slalom. You can participate in as many or as little disciplines as you please.  The more you do, the better chance you could be crowned the King or Queen of Trail Fest.  The purpose of this event is to come together as a community of trails users and enjoy the trails that we have.  The goal of this event is to use all the profits and put them right back into the trails for development of a new accessible climbing trail and continued maintenance of what we already have!

See Course and Technical Guide for more information regarding the event!


Any questions, please email


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