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2024 Wednesday Nights @ DP Kickoff!

Our first race at Douglas Park for 2024 is done and in the books! We had 15 riders come out to ride the course which was in excellent condition. The racers were excited to be back on the track after a long winter and that showed in their lap choices. We only had 2 categories tonight being 3 lappers and 5 lappers. In the 3 lap category we had a couple of sprint finishes. The first between Rick Vircavs and Adam Shenk. They were both pushing hard at the end but Rick managed to take the win. In 3rd place and not far behind was Shawn Wedewer. Easton and Brock crossed the finish line side by side both trying to out pedal one another. They gave the spectators some excitement! In the 5 lap category we had Shane Mcnaughton who started in the lead but with Isaac Mcmurray right on his tail. After the 3rd lap Isaac took the lead which allowed Shane to draft for a bit. On lap 5, Shane was able to take over and step away from Isaac and take the lead by 7.1 seconds. 3rd place was taken by Garret Woynarski who put down a very strong race.

That's it for this week everyone. Just a reminder that next Wednesday we are pre-riding the course for Wascana Challenge at, you guessed it, Wascana Trails. If you show up at Douglas Park, we won't be there! Let's be ready to ride at Wascana Trails for a 6:30 start.

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