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Race Results Wed August 2, 2023

What a beautiful night to be out racing. We got to hang out with the goats as they are trimming the entire SE section of trail. We managed to route our course in between their day pen and their night pen. They were very excited to see us race and certainly cheered us on.

We had Henry Sharp come out tonight and everyone was excited for him to take on Jeff Elias but Henry washed out around a corner on the first lap and due to Treks incredible engineering, he turned his rockshox into a manitou and it couldn't be reversed without proper tools. This left Jeff all alone up front and he held on to the lead throughout the race and cashed in for the win. Jeremy Erdman and Jeremy Trask (I still don't know who is who) battled it out in 2nd and 3rd but Erdman was able to step away at the end and secure his silver. In the 3 lap group there were less racers than in the 5 lap crew which is unheard of! 3rd place was taken by Cory Kulczycki who is an absolute animal. He just finished a half ironman a week before and is already back out crushing it. Justin Woloshin decided to take a break from building his concrete sled so he could come race, good thing he did because he got 2nd place! In 1st place was Stefan Dueck. He is not building a concrete sled or doing half ironmans...

Thanks for coming out to race! Can't wait to do it again next week!

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