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Race Results Wed July 12, 2023 (Beater Night)

An absolute gorgeous night to be out riding bikes and only 12 riders came out to enjoy it! It was beater night and there was some creaking and grinding to be heard for miles, nevermind Jeremy Erdmanns bell that wouldn't stop dinging. There were children asking if he was selling ice cream by the end! Jeremy was sure to use his bike with the largest mud flap we have ever seen as he couldn't risk getting his butt wet.

There were some cool bikes out for sure. Even though Jeremy E and Jeremy T were both on beaters, they still managed to make stay up front and held a decent lead from the pack. Jeremy E lead the first 4 laps but on lap 5, Jeremy T kicked it into high gear and secured the W. In the 3 lap category it was a tight race. It started out with Aaron in a commanding lead with Stefan and Isaac close behind. On lap 1 Stefan went around a corner and ate dirt! Isaac saw his opportunity and took off. At this time Isaac was quite a ways behind Aaron but pushed hard on the long climbs to gain some time back. In the end he was only 2 seconds behind Aaron with an all out sprint finish! Leah White was the only Female in her category again this week but put in a solid time as Justin Woloshin was pushing her looking for his opportunity to pass didn't get a chance due to the 8' grass on sides!

Thanks to the Michael and Heather McMurray for timing the race and allowing me (Stefan) to put in some laps! Thanks to all the riders for coming out and racing with us! You are all amazing and we can't wait to hang out and ride bikes next week!

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