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Race Results Wed July 5, 2023

What a beautiful night to race at Douglas Park! We had 16 racers come out to race 1, 3 or 5 laps around the track.

In the 1 Lap category we had Eric and Katie Lett riding together and enjoying this amazing sport. When they came up on the finish line, Katie made sure to keep in front of her dad and take the win.

We had a full crew in the 3 lap category. Leah White was the only rider for the Women's category but didn't slack off and put in an impressive time. The Mens 3 lap category had 7 riders. Brock Wallin looked like he was going to take the win but realized we were running the long course this evening and he was riding the short course. He stopped his race and asked us if he could go ride the extra bit that he missed! What an honest and standup man! On the Podium for this category it was a tight race. We had Rick in 3rd, Kelly in 2nd and Aaron took 1st.

In the 5 Lap Men's category we had some heavy hitters this evening. Isaac McMurray only wanted to ride 2 laps as he rode 42km on his trainer this morning but somehow got talked into racing 5 laps? The 5 lapper was an all out battle! Shane, Jeff and Jeremy were neck in neck every lap swapping out who was pulling. It was like watching a Honda Civic trying to increase mpg on the highway by tucking behind a semi. Pure science... But on lap 5, Shane was able to increase his speed without the semi and step away from Jeff and Jeremy but not by much. Everyone was laying it down on the track tonight and it shows on the scoreboard. You are all amazing and we can't wait to race on our beater bikes/single speeds ;) next week!

P.S. I heard someone might be bringing a unicycle... I will personally pay 1 million dollars (in IOU's which are as good as money...) to the person who can do a full lap on a unicycle without stepping off.

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