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Team Relay Results, June 28, 2023

Tonight we had the team relay at Douglas Park! Efforts were high and traction was low. We rode a sub 1km Relay course with teams of 2 and 3. The teams had to complete 20 laps of this course in any way they wanted. They could either go for a single lap before switching riders or do multiples, it was up to them!

Starting off the race we Team A, Jeremy Erdmann and his 2 sons Ben and Levi. They finished the first lap in the lead with a single lap time of 2:15. Once Jeremy finished that first lap, Ben took off like a rocket and held on. Meanwhile, Team B, Shane and Olivia thought maybe we should do 2 laps each before switching. Was it a good idea? We will have to see how that worked out for them. At the start of the 3rd lap it was neck in neck between Team B and Team C (Shane and Jeremy Trask). Trask thought maybe I can get into his head by tickling his arm but it only gave Shane more reason to take the lead. Ben and Everret battled it out back and forth into lap 6. Team F, Andre, Easton and Justin held their own and may have been the only team to not leave the gate early during the rider switching. All riders were pushing their limits and almost washed out around the lower off camber corners as their speed and fatigue increased. Teams D and E were neck in neck for laps 14 and 15 between Eric and Everret which was passed onto Sandy and Lorence. Sandy and Lorence had been going back and forth all night but Sandy was able to step away on lap 15 and pass the torch back to Everret who kept up the energy. As the race progressed the intensity increased. The yells became louder and chirps were sassier. Olivia from Team B finished her 2 lap section and handed the remainder of the race over to her teamate Shane who stayed in front and they took the win!

The kids relay race that was happening at the same time was just as wild if not more exciting! Katie, Brody and Claire raced their hearts out during their race and they did not stop smiling. They had so much fun and literally forgot how many laps they did. (Around 16 laps!) Brody was going so fast on lap 3 that he ended up drifting around a corner and managed to stay up on both wheels!

Thanks for coming out and we cant wait until next week!

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