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Race Results Wed, June 21, 2023

It was a beautiful evening from start to end with no thunderstorms chasing us. Twenty-six racers took to the mountain for a slightly shorter course. Other than a few mosquitos and some tall grass, everything went smoothly.

Overall results can be found on Webscorer here:

Andre led the one-lap Dirt Kids crew, who wanted more biking and switched to riding some fast short track laps after they crossed the finish line. Great effort out there Claire and Katie!

In the two-lap category, Easton hung with the 3-lappers to snag the top male spot, with Gavin coming in not far behind. Josee made her first appearance this year with a podium finish for the women.

The three-lap category was created on the fly. Lorence and Olivia were coming off a Canada Cup racing weekend in Canmore and decided 3 laps made more sense than 4. Kris D added some extra distance to his first lap, and also decided 3.5 laps was a better choice for the night.

Four laps had the biggest crew. Kelly was hugging the wheels of the 6-lappers bringing him a commanding top spot. Rick also added some distance on his first lap which set him back a bit, but he came back for a second place finish. Bronsyn and Greg were close behind, though Bronsyn was able to maintain the pace longer than Greg to claim third place. Bronsyn, Brock, Justin, and Cory moved into the 4-lap category this week and earned some extra miles. Everett was also looking fast hanging with the 3-lappers and going the extra distance. Ben and Levi consistently delivered with the only 4 laps in their age category. Well done!

Shane took the 5 lap category, but we're not sure if maybe he just miscounted his laps? Either way, he put down some quick lap times.

Six laps went to the Leah in the women's category in a solid performance for her first night out. For the men the top spots went to the Jeremy's again this week with Kris A and Trevor leapfrogging throughout the night for the third and fourth. Isaac was also coming off a tough weekend racing in Canmore and put in a great effort on tired legs.

Next week we relay as Stefan returns to the Wednesday night foray in person.

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