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Wednesday Nighter May 31, 2023

Twenty eight racers came out on the beautiful last night in May. It was also the last night of goats in the park, which made for a short and slightly more confusing course. The riders prevailed, with a few detours and wrong turns adding to the race dynamic.

In the 6 lap race the Jeremy's battled it out for the first 4 laps, until Trask distracted Erdmann with family talk and pulled away, maintaining his lead for the last two laps. Sandy led a strong solo effort and seemed to get faster as the race went on, finishing with a solid third place finish. Isaac dropped back after the first couple of laps, but seemed revived and started closing the gap, but it was too late to catch Sandy. Adam and Duane also had some back and forth, with Adam ultimately pulling away on his shiny new steed. Garret and Ian came next with some solid efforts. Nathan entered late and consistently gained ground, but alas, it was too much to overcome.

In the 4 lap race, Lorence absolutely crushed it, dropping Andre after 2 laps and relentlessly gaining time after that. Well done! Everett left it all on the course and edged out Kris for the second podium step. John brought in another big effort for 4th place. The Grudnizki brothers had a score to settle after Monday's foot-down competitions, and Cam took the lead tonight. Thomas had a late Garmin start, but our clock caught it all - good effort out there!

In the 2 lap course, Brock wandered off course, but self-corrected and despite the extra distance pulled off a top finish followed by Cory. Justin made his triumphant return to Wednesday Nighters with a 3rd place finish. Michael's crash may have set him back this week, but he's coming for you next week Justin. Bronsyn found the biggest, rustiest, and nastiest looking nail on the hill with his back tire for an unfortunate DNF. You can bet he'll be back in top form next week though.

And in the Junior categories, Claire and Katie had an amazing guide in Olivia. Despite Olivia's support, Claire and Katie secretly planned a finish line sprint to leave her in the dust, and the finish was too close to call. Benjamin and Levi tied in the men's junior category with "one more lap" being the mantra, and a finish too close to call.

Great riding everyone!

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