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Upduro Fiesta! 2023 Results

It was hot, it was humid, and the preceding days of rain left some interesting conditions.

We had intrepid riders out from across the province and Manitoba. We climbed. It was hard. And rewarding. Special thanks to Dutch Cycle, Western Cycle, and Boh's for being awesome and supporting local events like these. Shop local - these fine folks give

Timed results are available on Webscorer's website, both as a total of the climbs, and as individuals so you can see where you stacked up. Even better than the results is getting a bunch of type-2 fun people together to push themselves and enjoy the company of other crazy people. Thank you all for coming out and making this event a great time!

The Impossible Climb probably would have been possible if we didn't push it on 3-5 climbs first, and have 30 degree heat with slightly damp trail surfaces.

In the end I think Ryan Gsell took the high mark, with a solid group getting pretty close. Nicely done!

Thanks to Traveling Bakery for the post-ride tacos - they were fantastic and a great way to close out the day.

Thanks to Nathan for most the photos. If you have pics, tag @offroadsyndicatemtb on instagram - we'd love to see them!

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