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Wednesday Nighter, June 7, 2023

We raced each other and the incoming storm for another great night on the mountain. Twenty racers gambled on staying dry, and it paid off.

In the 2 lap race, Justin took the W against two worthy adversaries. Levi and Benjamin had aspiration of 4, maybe 5 laps, but the heat got to them after two. Solid riding guys!

The three lap race saw Bronsyn and Brock pushing the pace with the extra lap this week. Dane pulled out a Strava line, innocently, and recovered his karma by stopping to fix a derailed chain. The high heat had him call the race after 3 tough laps. Great to have you all out!

Most people went for the 4 lap race, and with the storm charging in, we ended up cutting a few riders off at 4 laps which added to the pool. Shane and Lorence took the wins, and the action remained high all the way through. Isaac pushed hard keeping pace with the 6-lappers and sprinting to the finish line with impressive speed. Trevor made a solid re-entrance with a strong finish in both the 4 lap and 6 lap categories on the rigid single-speed. Impressive! Duance was also on pace for a solid 6-laps, but the imposing storm cut him off at 4 for a solid 4th place. Adam was close behind and also cutoff from the 6-lap category after 4 laps.

Andre, Lorence, and John were battling it out for the first few laps with Lorence finishing ahead of them and a commanding lead. Greg also made a debut appearance and passed his way up the leaderboard, pushing hard and getting faster each lap. Cam and Olivia pushed each other right up to the finish line with a literal photo finish, ultimately going to Cam by the thickness of the rubber. Easton held on to the pack as long as he could with the last lap dropping him before the finish line.

Jeremy and Kris paced out the 6 lap crew with a slowly widening gap as Jeremy took the lead. Trevor made sure to keep on Kris' tail for the full 6 laps, and another photo finish sprint. The pain cave was deep and the official's call to end after 5 was just not loud enough, so despite times for 5 laps on the board, all 6 were completed. Well done!

As we packed up the signs, the wind picked up and we cleared out before the thunder really picked up. Good timing, great racing! We'll be back for more next week!

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