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Wednesday Night May 10, 2023

Despite a film crew for Little Mosque occupying part of the usual course, we had 5 young shredders come out for the short track course. Top spot on the podium went to Henry with a strong 8 lap finish, followed closely by Claire. Brody and Brixton finished strong with 3rd and 4th place finishes and 6 laps on the board. Felix rounded out the top 5 with a solid first race as well. Great riding!

The full course was dried up enough to return to the new "regular" course for 2023. Twenty-five riders set some new hot lap times on the new Strava segments. It was first race night for Benjamin and Sarah - great efforts out there! It was a a toss up on course - head down to avoid eating hordes of bugs, or heads up to avoid the geese.

For the 5 laps Men's category, Henry Sharp took the win by over a minute in front of Jeremy Trask and Kelly Amberson. Henry is setting the tone for the season and asking for a challenger! Lorence, Olivia and Sarah were the entirety of the Women's category tonight. Lorence pushed just under 20km/h average for her 3 laps sheesh!

Everyone put in great race times tonight, but the best times were the ones we rode together!

See you all next week at Douglas Park for another race!

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