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Wednesday Night Race @ DP May 17, 2023

Thankfully the smoke let up enough for us to get out there and get at it! With the modified course... wait, original course? We had 13 riders out and they weren't afraid of a little heavy breathing. Jeremy Trask took the lead tonight but not far ahead Isaac Mcmurray and Adam Shenk. The time gaps are quickly closing and our leaderboards are getting tight. Each week we can see the speeds increase and the time decreasing. Kris Doering took the 3 lap category by a long shot while Bronsyn Massier won the 2 lap. Bronsyn Massier and Brock Wallin just took 2nd and 3rd in U15 at Lagham. So great to have Benjamin Erdman and Gavin Abrahamson racing with us and hope to see you all next week for our ride at Wascana Trails!

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